The MFRI begins with an acknowledgement of our common humanity. The churches have heard the calls from communities around the world for mining companies to work for the common good. The churches have also heard from some mining companies that mining activity should be of better and wider benefit to society and the environment. Those involved in the MFRI share a vision for mining to serve the common good better, by enabling those engaged and affected by its activities to lead lives that are fulfilled, just and reflect human dignity and respect. They do so with regard for both current and future generations.

The MFRI aims to

Enable and support a dialogue and relationship between the churches and mining companies

Be a catalyst for meaningful conversations in ways that encourage openness, honesty and the sharing of different perspectives on mining

Encourage genuine and sustainable change in mining and its contribution to outcomes, building on successful work and noting that mining needs to keep pace with social and environmental challenges

Incorporate perspectives from church leaders, church organisations and church investors, mining executives and companies, industry associations, communities and development NGOs

Encourage an increased knowledge of mining, its impacts and contributions to the common good, through global dialogues and local site visits

Act as a catalyst to bring together local faith and mine leaders.

Our values

As we pursue these objectives, there are three values that underpin the work of the MFRI:

Accountability: towards each other and our constituents, at the international and national level;
Respect: for the roles, independence, and perspectives of participants;
Openness: when considering different perspectives.